Pro Series LNT3-16D Digital Time Switch

Pro Series LNT3 – 16D Digital Time Switch


Constructed from thermoplastic and high quality internal componentry to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Switches “ON” and “OFF” automatically following pre-determined programmed times and days of the week.

Suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

Compact modular size

LCD display

Equipped with back-up battery.

Permanent ON/OFF switch

Switching status indicator

Easy installation

Fits standard 35mm DIN rail and all standard consumer units.

Technical Data:

Type: Electronic with LCD display

Rated voltage: 230VAC 50/60Hz

Consumption: maximum 4VA

Contact capacity: 1 NO plus 1 NC. 16A resistive

Time basis: Quartz

24 hours plus week program

Min programmable interval: 1 min

Ambient temperature: -10 to + 40 deg C

Connection: Pillar terminal with clamp. 6mm

Accuracy: within plus or minus 2 sec per day at 25deg C

Reserve: 15 days

Width: 36mm