Pro Series LNS1-C Surge Protection Replacement Module

Pro Series Surge Protector Device and LNS1-C SPD replacement Module.

Pro Series Surge Protection Device (SPD)

Pro Series Surge Protection Devices (referred to as SPD’s) provide protection against surge current resulting from direct or indirect lightning strikes or similar surge voltages. Constructed using high quality components including metal oxide varistor the unit is designed to protect both phase and neutral lines. With a very quick response time of less than 25ms, the SPD functions to conduct the surge voltage / current to earth and effectively prevents the destruction of downstream equipment.


Plug in replacement module unit allows for easy replacement when necessary.

On-Off indicator window.

Quick response. Less than 25ms.

Fits all standard consumer units.

Symmetrical 35mm DIN rail mounting.

Technical Data:

No of poles. 1.

Rated voltage. 220/415V AC

Module width. 18mm

Terminal connection. Pillar terminal with clamp. 25mm

Imax: 40kA

In: 20kA

Standards. IEC61643-1

Pro Series LNS1-C SPD replacement module.

Plugs into SPD base for simple replacement when necessary.

Technical Data:

As above.


Every year, millions of people lose expensive home and industry equipment as a direct result of lightning strikes and over voltage power surges. Pro Series SPD’s work for you by diverting extra unwanted voltage and energy surges into the ground protecting your valuable equipment.