Pro Series LNC2-25 2 Pole Contactor

Pro Series LNC2-25 Modular Contactors

Pro Series modular contactors are essential for control and automation duties in domestic, commercial and industrial installations. They are particularly suitable for the remote switching and control of lighting installations, heat pumps, night storage heating, air conditioning plants and other devices used in automation.


Compact and modular design

High quality materials ensure reliability and endurance

Electro-magnetic mechanism free of noise

Contact position indicator

Remote control circuit (coil)

Easy installation

Fits standard 35mm DIN rail and all standard consumer units

Technical Data:

Rated voltage: 230VAC

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Rated current: 20A resistive

No of poles: 2

Coil voltage: 230VAC

Mechanical endurance: 100,000 cycles

Electrical endurance: 30,000 cycles

Ambient temperature: -5 to +60 deg C

Connection: Pillar terminals with clamp.

Standard: IEC 60947-4-1. EN 60947-4-1